Agronomic Consultants offers a wide range of services, most of which stress the agronomic principals of soil and plant inter-relationships

Pest Management: We provide an integrated approach to pest control, our programs emphasize review and analysis before making a chemical application. Control applications are targeted to the specific problem. We also inform the client of any cultural changes required to help maximize our desired results and to keep the landscape healthy.

Fertilization: Our programs are designed to provide specific plant nutrient requirements on a timely schedule for trees/shrubs, ground covers and turf grass. We offer monthly bimonthly and quarterly programs to fit your budget.

Additionally we provide FREE inspections at your request, ensuring that your trees will receive proper care throughout the year.

Consultation services: we will give you proven solutions to maintain and establish a healthy landscape. Our site and plant evaluation services give you valuable information about: soils temperature, light, and water requirements for optimum plant growth and vigor.


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