Agronomic consultants is a premier, diverse company that provides professional landscape consultations, pest management services and fertilization programs for new or established landscapes around private and commercial properties, institutions, schools, athletic fields and parks.

Our experience and expertise in the green industry is extensive and as such we have acquired a reputation as a premier innovator of world-class agronomic programs.


Our expertise encompasses:

  • Site evaluation
  • Plant evaluation programs
  • Regional nutritional programs which are balanced for soil type and plant needs
  • Integrated pest management programs
  • Custom fertilizer programs designed specifically for your geographic area and soil type.
  • Corrective programs for remedying nutritional deficiencies and excesses that often results from neglect or over-management
  • Total landscape recommendations

A little more about our story…

The company is operated and managed by Anthony Feliciano, a graduate Agronomist from the University of Puerto Rico, 1979. He has 29 years of experience in the green industry having worked in many projects throughout Florida but also several major projects in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico and the Bahamas. Agronomic Consultants is a member of Certified Pest Control Operators of Florida.


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